Thursday, May 4, 2017

TOPS El Chete Survival Machete

 How does TOPS define destruction? El Chete.
The El Chete by TOPS Knives was designed with one thought in mind... chopping. It's got a full-tang 1/4 inch thick blade that's a full foot long, and it chops very well. Even though it's so large, the knife still weighs in under 2 pounds.

El Chete is the first TOPS knife to be released with their wicked new finish called Acid Rain which varies slightly from knife to knife so each knife is unique.The sandwiched Micarta handles are thick enough to fill your hand like a hatchet or small ax handle would. The handle is well rounded for comfort and the black canvas Micarta underneath the green canvas Micarta adds even more to the aesthetics of this piece.
The sheath is an out-the-front design with all the bells and whistles. You just pull up slightly then out the front so that you don't have to strain to pull the knife all the way up through the sheath. There is a strap that when snapped into place, helps immensely with the retention of the blade. TOPS Knives also made it available with a rotating spring steel clip or a leather dangler attachment so that each user picks the right fit for him or her.
If you're in the market for a large knife, you've definitely found it. Check them out at

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