Friday, May 5, 2017

KA-BAR TDI Shark Bite Ultramid Self-Defense Knife 9908

The TDI Shark Bite from KA-BAR designed by Tactical Defense Institute is constructed of 100% Ultramid, the perfect material for a deep covert backup self-defense blade. Ultramid is a lightweight, synthetic material that provides a sharp and durable edge. This high-tech, covert knife is completely non-magnetic so it won't set off those pesky metal detectors. Ultramid is super tough and virtually impervious to the elements.

The pistol grip handle is also made of textured Ultramid polymer and since the knife is constructed of a single piece of Ultramid it is very strong. The handle is comfortable and provides an awesome grip and the traction grooves on the spine further enhance control when doing fine cutting tasks. The TDI Shark Bite comes with an Ultramid sheath and 24 inches of #3 black epoxy coated steel ball chain for neck carry.
The TDI Shark Bite weighs less than an ounce so it can be worn on the neck, carried in a pocket, tied, tucked, or taped just about anywhere on one's person for the ultimate in covert carry.
The TDI Shark Bite is impervious to heat, cold, moisture and extreme weather so it can be tactically hidden virtually everywhere (indoors and outdoors). Moreover, they are so affordable that you can purchase several and keep them hidden in strategic locations and if the need arises you can ditch them.

If you are in the market for a non-expensive, totally non-detectible (non-magnetic) knife for self-defense the TDI Shark Bite is an excellent choice.

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