Thursday, January 17, 2013

New 2013 Spyderco Knives Line-up

Spyderco has 34 new models for 2013! Some are limited edition sprint run models and some are exciting new designs.

Many of these hot new knives are in stock now and for those which are not yet released we are accepting pre-orders... Lock in your special introductory price at NO UPFRONT COST and to ensure your place in line when these hot new Spyderco knives become available.

For cost and product information please follow the product link.

Spyderco BAND1 Bandanna Black, Red Bug 

Spyderco Wooden Kit Dragonfly Knife Kit WDKIT1
Spyderco BEAD2 Round Lanyard Bead, Pewter

Spyderco BEAD2LY Round Bead Pewter with Lanyard

Spyderco C101PBK2 Manix2 Folding Knife, 3.375" BD-1 PlainEdge, Black FRCP Handles

Spyderco Enuff Sheepfoot Fixed Blade Knife, 2.75 Inch Satin Serrated, FB31SBK

Spyderco Enuff Leaf Fixed Blade Knife, 2.75 Inch Satin PlainEdge, FB31PBK

Spyderco Enuff Clip Point Fixed Blade Knife, 2.75 Inch Satin PlainEdge, FB31CPBK

Spyderco C54GPBN Calypso Sprint Limited Edition Folding Knife, Brown G-10, PlainEdge 

Spyderco C80CFP Dodo Sprint Folding Knife, 2.12 Inch PlainEdge, Carbon Fiber Handles 

Spyderco C156GPBN Brad Southard Flipper CTS-204P Carpenter Steel Blade, Brown G10 Handle 

Spyderco FB28GBNP Puukko Fixed 3.3 Inch S30V Blade, Brown G10 Handles, Leather Sheath

Spyderco FB04PBB Fred Perrin Street Bowie Fixed 5 Inch VG10 Black Blade, FRN Handles

Spyderco BWRSH1 Whale Rescue Blade, 11 Inch H1 Steel Serrated Blade

Spyderco C167GP Friction Folder, 2.84 Inch VG10 PlainEdge, G10 Handles, Leather Pouch

Spyderco FB03BRGP Lum Tanto Sprint Burgundy Paperstone Fixed Blade Knife, Model FB03BRGP

Spyderco C166P Equilibrium Folding Knife, 1.73 Inch VG10 PlainEdge

Spyderco C113GPGY Caly 3 Sprint Folding Knife, 3 Inch Super Blue Steel Blade, Gray G10 Handles, Model C113GPGY

Spyderco C14SBK3 Rescue3 Folding Knife, VG10 Serrated Blade, Black FRN Handles

Spyderco C55GP Terzuola Starmate Folding Knife, 3.75 Inch VG10 PlainEdge, G10 Handles

Spyderco C146CFP Szabo Folding Knife, 4.6 Inch S30V PlainEdge, Carbon Fiber Handles

Spyderco Nilakka Folding Puukko, S30V Satin PlainEdge, Brown G10, C164GPBN

Spyderco Ulize Folding Knife, 4.12 Inch VG10 PlainEdge, Black G10 Handles, C161GP

Spyderco C152TIP Chaparral Folding Knife, CTS-XHP PlainEdge, Titanium Handles

Spyderco C163PBK Pingo Folding Knife, N690CO PlainEdge Blade, Black FRN Handles

Spyderco MGREP Manbug Folding Knife, ZDP-189 PlainEdge, British Racing Green FRN Handles

Spyderco C151GTIP Schempp Tuff Folding Knife, G10 and Titanium Handles

Spyderco BEAD1LY Lanyard with Pewter Spyder Bead

Spyderco BEAD1 Pewter Lanyard Bead

Spyderco C113CFPD Caly 3 Damascus Sprint Folding Knife, VG10 Damascus Blade, Carbon Fiber Handles

Spyderco C162SBK Lil' Matriarch Folding Knife, VG10 Flat Ground Serrated Blade, Black FRN Handles

Spyderco C154PPN Squeak Folding Knife, 2 Inch PlainEdge N690CO Blade, Pink FRN Handles

Spyderco C144CFPE Caly 3.5 Folding Knife ZDP-189 / 420J2 PlainEdge Blade, Carbon Fiber Handles

Spyderco C29GFP Cricket Folding Knife, VG10 PlainEdge, Black Nishijin Glass Fiber Handles

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