Friday, December 9, 2016

Cold Steel Custom Classic 4-MAX Combat Folding Knife 62RM

The Cold Steel 4-MAX is the first of a new series of Custom Classic folding knives made right here in the USA. Developed with one goal in mind - to deliver the maximum strength and highest performance within a 4" blade limit - the 4-MAX is built rock solid with a massive Tri-Ad lock. The action is silky smooth and the ergos are spot on. 
The 4-Max's extra thick, extra wide, drop point blade is made from USA CPM20cv steel - offering a near perfect balance between durability and edge holding performance. This over-built beast is without a doubt the strongest knife that Cold Steel has ever produced and perhaps one of the strongest 4" folding knives in the world! See it at OsoGrandeKnives.

Stedemon SHY IV Lightweight Tactical Folding Knife

The Stedemon SHY IV is a high-quality knife with a sturdy build. It's a tough tactical folding knife that is exceptionally beautiful. The slim handle is ergonomic and has a very nice concave/convex milling pattern that looks great and greatly enhances your grip on the knife. See it at OsoGrandeKnives...

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Spyderco Zome Endura 4 Folding Knife

The New Zome Endura is based on the classic Spyderco Endura 4 and it needs no introduction. The Zome Endura has the same FRN handles but they have been artfully sytled using the traditional Japanese craft of zome – a method of dyeing textile materials with natural sources. Japanese artisans individually dyed each knife in the style of hiki-zome, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind pattern on every handle. Check them out at

Thursday, December 31, 2015

5.11 Tactical C.U.B. Master Karambit

The 5.11 Tactical CUB Master Karambit folder designed by Steve Tarani delivers outstanding functionality at a great price. See it at

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Killer Knife of the Week: Ontario Blackbird SK-5 Noir Survival Knife

The winner of this weeks "Killer Knife" goes to the venerable Ontario Blackbird SK-5 Noir Survival Knife. The Blackbird Noir is a no frills fixed blade designed for outdoor uses such as bushcrafting, camping and survival. It also can be classified as an EDC fixed blade. It has a full-tang blade made of 154CM stainless so it will perform with minimal maintenance in a variety of locations. The canvas Micarta scales provide excellent grip traction. The blade is not as thick as some but it measures in at .130" and it is flat ground so it slices a variety of materials with ease. Both the knife and the sheath are made in the USA by Ontario Knife Company and Hedgehog Leather. Check it out at OsoGrandeKnives.

Cyber Week Knife Sale - Extra 10% Off + Free Shipping

This Week is Cyber Week and we've got a plethora of knives on sale with savings of up to 83%. In addition during our Cyber Week Knife Sale we've got and EXTRA 10% Off our super low prices SITEWIDE. This year make OsoGrandeKnives your One-Stop shop for cutlery related items. Hurry, this sale expires soon so don't miss out. Shop the sale...

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Killer Knife of the Week: Cold Steel Black Talon II

Awesome, Ferrocious, Wicked Sharp, Badass, Superb, Tough, Intimidating Big, Beastly, Scary, Lethal, Serious and of course Killer are some of the words used to describe Cold Steel's Black Talon II folder. The Black Talon II was recently released around mid-year 2015 and despite being on the market for only a short time the sheer number of positive reviews from satisfied owners has earned it OsoGrandeKnives "Killer Knife of the Week" award. From it's razor sharp edge to it's super strong Tri-Ad lock to it's highspeed thumb plate blade deployment mechanism to it's razor sharp chisel ground reverse "S" blade shape to it's hypodermic needle sharp point to it's ergonomic well balanced handle to it's high-performance Carpenter CTS-XHP blade steel and to it's light and agile feel the Cold Steel Black Talon II is one of the best Self-Defense knives ever made. If that's not enough, to make it even tastier it's offered at a sweet price that won't break the bank. Take a closer look at this awesome self-defense knife at