Friday, September 12, 2014

Killer Knife of the Week: Ontario Spec Plus SP2 Air Force Survival Knife

The Ontario Spec Plus SP2 Air Force Survival Knife is an excellent mid-sized fixed blade knife that's ideal for general field use and camp chores and that's why it has earned our Killer Knife of the Week award. Right out of the box the Ontario SP2 is ready to rock! It opens cans, holds up to bushcraft abuse, holds it's edge well under normal use, sharpens easily and is well balanced but not too big or heavy. It's a steal for a U.S. made knife. See it at

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cold Steel San Mai Gurkha Kukri

After waiting forever!!!!! The Cold Steel San Mai III Gurkha Kukri is back in stock. You know you want this!

Monday, September 8, 2014

See the 2014 Kershaw-Emerson Folders

Checkout the New Kershaw-Emerson knives with the lightning fast wave opening feature at OsoGrandeKnives.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mission MPT Multi-Purpose Tactical Titanium Knife

The Mission MPT Titanium Knife was created from the desires and needs of multiple military units who wanted a light weight, high strength, non-magnetic, non corrosive tool -- a titanium bladed knife -- with a more compact and thinner silhouette, and with a "higher speed & lower drag coefficient" than the popular U.S. Navy MPK. 
This MPT (Multi-Purpose Tactical) model is an earlier model when the late John Moore was at the helm of Mission Knives during their Glory Days. We found a few of these MPT knives in the corner of our warehouse. 
If you want one don't wait cause when they're gone, they're gone! Get Yours at

Friday, September 5, 2014

Killer Knife of the Week: Cold Steel Voyager Vaquero XL 5.5 Inch 29TXVS

OsoGrandeKnives has long considered the Vaquero Knife series of folders by Cold Steel to be among the best knives manufactured over the past 20 years. So you shouldn’t be surprised that the Voyager Vaquero XL is this week’s Killer Knife of the Week.
As a tool, the 5.5 Inch XL Voyager Vaquero is a lightweight, super sharp knife that is appropriate in almost any environment from hunting and camping to hiking and general utility chores. They can also readily fill specialty functions such as a boat or river knife, chute knife or police/military and survival/rescue applications.
The Voyager series are well designed and very well made and any Voyager knife will serve the user well for many years. Materials are all very good and the action and lockups are fast and solid. With it's reverse S cutting edge, the Extra-Large Vaquero Knife is fantastic for quick slicing or tearing. The serrations are very aggressive and wicked sharp!
In Cold Steel's words: "The Vaquero Voyager Series folders all feature our distinctive "S-Curve" clip point blade style. They are precision flat ground to form a long, shallow "V" shaped cross section. This is ideal for shearing through thick, fibrous materials such as manila rope, cable, hose, belts, etc. The serrated edges form a sinuous double curve. This means that whatever material is struck with the inward curving portion of the edge (near the hand) will automatically force the remaining curved edge entirely through.
These strong, handsome folders deliver an unequaled fit and finish. They are carefully machined and hand fitted by master craftsmen who take great pride in their work. Feel the power of the massively strong locking mechanisms as you thumb one of these blades open. The deeply checkered, and ergonomically designed Zytel® handles are cleverly reinforced with enough rigidity, strength, and toughness to virtually last a lifetime. Double thumb studs on each side of the razor sharp blade allow you to open these folders with either hand in the blink of an eye.
For convenience, a black stainless steel pocket clip is included. This allows for safe and secure carry in any environment."

Watch our knife review:
Don’t miss out, get yours today at

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Chris Reeve Sebenza 25

After waiting forever!!!!! The Chris Reeve Sebenza 25 is back! 100% made in America this is an awesome EDC knife. This 25th Anniversary Sebenza knife features a titanium handle with an integral frame lock and a polished premium CPM S35VN stainless steel blade that's been honed to a razor sharp edge. Get yours before they’re gone at

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cold Garden & Camp Machete

The Cold Steel Grass Machete looks kind of funny but it is actually based on an age-old style of field tool that got it's origins in Africa. This Garden and Camp Machete is a cross between a machete and a sickle. 
It makes short work of clearing brush and bushwhacking and you don't have to bend over so much.  You can get the Cold Steel Garden & Camp Machete right here at