Tuesday, July 22, 2014

2014 Burnley Obake Fixed Blade by CRKT

Custom knifemaker Lucas Burnley designed the Obake Fixed Blade knife for Columbia River (CRKT). It's a remarkably thin profile fixed blade Kwaiken style design that's easy to carry and conceal.
It includes a belt loop that can be attached to the sheath. The sturdy polymer sheath has a lanyard with a skull bead on it--a nice touch. The handle is cord wrapped over good looking ray skin for a secure solid grip that feels just right. 
The blade features an etched pattern that further enhances the handsome looks of this knife. Lucas produces similar knives on a custom basis but the CRKT Obake is a super deal! The Obake makes an excellent EDC fixed blade... it's thin, light, nicely made and priced for just about every budget. All of us at OsoGrandeKnives really dig this knife!

The Obake by Lucas Burnley is bold. It's a throwback to a classic Japanese Kwaiken design that's ready to throw down, if trouble turns up. The distinctive blade of this full tang fixed blade knife has a gray titanium nitride finish that is acid etched to give it a unique pattern that will be exclusive to each fortunate owner. The handle has a katana style nylon cord wrap over a black faux ray skin.

The sheath of the Obake is made from glass filled nylon that will give consistent retention even in hot environments. A paracord lanyard on the sheath is designed to attach to your belt loop and keep the sheath in place when you deploy the knife. A skull bead adds a not-so-subtle accent to the paracord lanyard.

This small fixed blade knife comes with a sturdy belt carry system and hardware that attaches to the grommets on the sheath.

The Obake isn't looking for work, but it shows up looking like a boss when it's time to get a job done. Check em' out!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kershaw Emerson CQC-8K Tanto 6044TBLK

You know you've always wanted that coveted Emerson knife and now Kershaw and Emerson have collaborated to provide a Kershaw-Emerson CQC knife that anyone can afford. All of the eight different Kershaw-Emerson knives are a terrific bargain! Check em' Out!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Grab a Gerber Icon Folder for only $19.95!!!

Valued customers, It's Friday and we've got a special deal for you as part of our Summer Knife Sale Extravaganza! Now you can get the Gerber Icon Folding Knife for only $19.95! That's a savings of $30 off the retail price of $50!
The Gerber Icon knife is a large (4.15" Blade), strong tactical folder that offers easy one-hand opening and a liner lock design for easy use. It boasts lightweight aluminum handles with textured inlays for extra grip. At this price you'll definitely want to add one or two of this super knife to your collection... but HURRY this terrific deal is good only while supplies last! Order yours today!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

2014 Spyderco Manix2 CPM Cru-Wear Sprint Knife

The 2014 Spyderco Manix2 Sprint features the supercharged CPM Cru-Wear blade steel.

The high performance CPM® CRU-WEAR® steel is an air-hardened powdered metallurgy tool steel. Crucible's original smelted-produced CRU-WEAR® was created as an upgrade to A2 and D2 tool steels, both have earned longevity and respect in the cutlery business for their wear resistance and tough cutting performance.

The powder produced CPM® CRU-WEAR® blade steel offers even greater wear resistance and toughness than A2, D2 and M2. Through powdered steel technology, the steel is made easier to machine with improved resistance to chipping over the original smelted CRU-WEAR®. The powdered variety also attains a higher hardness factor through greater percentages of tungsten and molybdenum that result in a secondary hardening response.

Another unique feature of the Manix 2 Sprint if it's gray diamond pattern G10 handle scales. G-10 is extremely durable and the fine checkered texturing provides an excellent grip while the handsome diamond pattern clearly sets this knife apart from standard production versions of the Manix2 which enhances it's status as both a functional tool and a highly prized collector's item.

The Cru-Wear Manix is a limited edition sprint run and it is only available while supplies last!

Case Knives observes 125th Anniversary

Case Knives is an icon in the knife industry and they are celebrating their 125th anniversary of new knives, manufacturing upgrades and more... See them all here.

SMOKIN' HOT New Boker Plus Kwaiken

SMOKIN' HOT are the words for the new Lucas Burnley Kwaiken folding knife design for Boker Plus and it's set on simmer at OsoGrandeKnives.
The Kwaiken Folding Knife, a design of young knifemaker Lucas Burnley from New Mexico, was created after a long period of development.
Burnley, whose most popular model is a fixed blade Obake, wanted to translate his typically slim concept into a folding knife, without drastically changing the proportions.
The green canvas Micarta scales offer a superior grip without being unnecessarily rough. The slim and sleek blade is made of AUS-8 stainless steel, and performs extremely smoothly due to the IKBS bearings
This knife will surely prove that a slim handle doesn't have to compromise excellent ergonomics! Includes removable pocket clip.
Learn  more

at OsoGrandeKnives.com.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Condor Fidelis Neck Knife

The Condor Fidelis neck knife is a great lightweight knife with a blade made of 1075 High Carbon steel
Check them out at OsoGrandeKnives.com.