Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Killer Knife of the Week: Cold Steel Black Talon II

Awesome, Ferrocious, Wicked Sharp, Badass, Superb, Tough, Intimidating Big, Beastly, Scary, Lethal, Serious and of course Killer are some of the words used to describe Cold Steel's Black Talon II folder. The Black Talon II was recently released around mid-year 2015 and despite being on the market for only a short time the sheer number of positive reviews from satisfied owners has earned it OsoGrandeKnives "Killer Knife of the Week" award. From it's razor sharp edge to it's super strong Tri-Ad lock to it's highspeed thumb plate blade deployment mechanism to it's razor sharp chisel ground reverse "S" blade shape to it's hypodermic needle sharp point to it's ergonomic well balanced handle to it's high-performance Carpenter CTS-XHP blade steel and to it's light and agile feel the Cold Steel Black Talon II is one of the best Self-Defense knives ever made. If that's not enough, to make it even tastier it's offered at a sweet price that won't break the bank. Take a closer look at this awesome self-defense knife at www.osograndeknives.com.