Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Every-Day Concealed Carry (Part 3) - Waistband Knife Carry

This article is another in our ongoing "Everyday-Concealed-Carry" series where we discuss various ways to carry your knife concealed. The Waistband Carry Method is one of my favorite knife concealing techniques where I simply clip the knife inside my waistband and hide the pocket clip behind my belt. This concealed carry technique works really well with large knives because the length of the knife disappears inside the pant.
The knife I am using in this demonstration is a Cold Steel 5.5 inch Large G10 Espada. I also use this technique with my XL 7.5 inch Espada as well as a number of other knives that I rotate. Both of these knives have the clips positioned so that the handle protrudes above the waistband about 1 inch or so. Some of my other knives, like the SOG Trident, have what I refer to as a "Low Rider" or "Bayonet Style" clip where the top of the clip is at the same height or a little higher than the top of the handle. With a low rider pocketclip it is even easier to conceal your knife from prying eyes.
Now you see it, now you don't... With my shirt tucked in, but just a bit loose, the extra fabric will hide the tip of the knife's handle so that it is completely concealed yet very fast into action.
Another huge advantage of this method of concealed carry is that the knife can be positioned close to the centerline of the body which enables you to grab and withdraw the knife with either hand. When you carry it close to your centerline you can more effectively keep someone from grabbing it. The centerline waistband knife carry method makes it extremely easy to draw your knife in an altercation since your hands will already be in front of your body to block or punch and it is a very short move to draw your blade.
Carrying a large knife in either the pocket or the waistband when sitting can be very uncomfortable (if done improperly) because the long knife handle will dig into your leg. I've learned to adjust the knife position from vertical to a more horizontal position or to slide the knife away from the centerline to my right side so that it is not uncomfortable when sitting.

Over the years, I've found that the only real disadvantage of the ITW Knife Carry method is that a really large knife like the Espada XL will telegraph (leave a visible imprint in the fabric) which may give the impression that you are well-endowed. With knives between 4-6 inches this problem is minimized.
The Cold Steel thumb plate and the Emerson Wave feature enable the automatic deployment of the knife blade upon withdrawal from your waistband or pocket. In order to maximize the benefits of this carry method you should practice, practice and practice so you can quickly, efficiently and safely draw your knife while under stress.