Friday, September 26, 2014

Killer Knife of the Week: KA-BAR Big Brother Combat/Utility Knife

The latest Killer Knife of the Week is the next generation and evolution of the venerable Ka-Bar USMC Fighting/Utility Knife. Yes, we are talking about the KA-BAR Big Brother Fixed Blade Knife. The Big Brother is a significant step up from the standard sized KA-BAR, it is just as good a utility knife as the old Ka-Bar Fighting/Utility knife but it's a superb fighting/combat knife.
Our test model literally came hair shaving sharp right out of the box--Ka-Bar really knows how to put an edge on a blade. The massive 9.38" 1095 Cro-Van steel blade is well done and very tough. The blade has been differentially heat treated, a step in the tempering process that gives the blade more strength. It will easily withstand even the most difficult cutting tasks and will still take and hold an extremely sharp edge.

The noticeably wider blade improves the overall handling of knife as well as adding weight that is beneficial when using the knife around camp. The most noticeable addition-apart from the increased size is the addition of serrations along the spine of the blade. The spine serrations improve the fighting capabilities of the Big Brother knife... back-slashes are wicked, and the double-edge makes it more difficult for an opponent to defend against or disarm you. The Big Brother has enough unsharpened spine along the last third of the blade for batoning. These serrations (NOT saw teeth) allow the knife to have a continuous plain working edge and still have the serrations along the backside to cut through tough, fibrous materials.

The leather disk handle is comfortable (works good when your hands are sweaty, wet or bloody) and feels great in the hand. The balance is perfect for chopping and slicing and decent for point-work. The premium leather sheath is outstanding. It's rides well, looks good and feels great.

If you're looking for a Bowie-sized "utility and fighting knife" then you'd be wise to consider adding the Kabar Big Brother to your arsenal. Utility and fighting is what this knife was designed for, and designed quite well. Get one today at