Friday, September 19, 2014

Killer Knife of the Week: Chris Reeve Pacific Combat Knife

The latest Killer Knife of the Week sets the standard for a multi-purpose tactical fixed blade knife. Yes, we're talking about the Chris Reeve Pacific Combat knife. The quality of this knife is superb as are all Chris Reeve knives. The Pacific Combat knife is a little larger than the Green Beret GBK 5.5 and a little smaller than the GBK 7.0. The 6" CPMS30V blade comes hair shaving sharp and is the perfect length knife for backpacking, hiking, general camp use. The CR Pacific is an excellent survival knife and serves double duty as a self-defense knife. The Pacific is light weight and perfectly balanced and the forward choil enables you to choke up for detail work. The sheath is awesome, it has room for a full-size multi-tool or a ferro rod, a small map compass, a sharpener as well as some other survival necessities. See it right here at

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