Friday, August 15, 2014

1st Look - Cold Steel 1911 Training Pistol

The new 2014 Cold Steel Colt 1911 Replica rubber training pistol just came in and I had a chance to compare it to my 1980's vintage Colt Gold Cup.
The size is exactly the same except the Cold Steel 1911 training gun has rails so you can train with a tactical flashlight mounted.
The new Cold Steel training pistol is made out of Zombie green (or what I like to call "Kawasaki Green" since Kawasaki was the originator of my favorite color of lime green) Polypropylene, and ultra-durable thermoplastic rubber.
The Colt 1911 trainer is stiff enough for practicing drawing from a holster or disarming techniques, yet still soft and safe enough to be used in hand-to-hand striking situations.
It is also available in a "Cocked" version for those of us who like to carry cocked and locked. 

See more at: Cold Steel 1911 Colt Rubber Training Pistol Cocked and Locked 92RGC11C | OsoGrandeKnives