Wednesday, July 2, 2014

FREE Knife Steel Composition Chart App

The new Knife Steel Composition Chart app. brings back the functionality and reference that made smartphones such revolutionary items. The Knife Steel Reference Guide app is definitely a valuable tool for knife fans and collectors. The steel chart app provides quick reference for information about the steel. In addition to providing info about the steel composition the author also provides commentary about the qualities and properties of the steel.

Here’s the description of the Knife Steel Composition app from the creator:

Knife Steel Composition and name cross-reference database. Includes popular, high end and exotic alloys used in knife blades. About 4700 alloy names, over 900 compositions. Alloy names for 17 different international standards, proprietary names and their equivalents. Easy alloy composition comparison with bar graph in 3 modes: mass percentage, molar masses and atomic count per 1000 atoms.

S30V real name is CPM S30V. All Crucible CPM steels used in knives are in the database, including their aliases.

The app is available for iPhones and Androids. To learn more about the steel of the knives you own or a knife you’re considering for purchase you'll definitely find this app to be a useful tool. At the time of this writing the app is free to download--here are the links... iOS or Android.