Thursday, July 18, 2013

New 2013 Emerson Super Karambit

Today I got the chance to handle the new for 2013 Emerson Super Karambit.  
Shown above is the Black Emerson Super Karambit.  The handles appear to be unchanged but whats immediately noticeable is the new grind on the tip of the blade which significantly increases the tip strength.
Shown here in the closed position you can see the blade nests nicely in the handle.  The "Emerson Wave" feature snags the corner of your pocket on withdrawal and automatically opens the blade.  These ready-for-action self-defense knives are the fastest opening knives out-of-the-pocket in the world!
The knife is very visible in the pocket because of the highride clip but it's lightning fast into action!  There's really is no way around the clip placement for a karambit, so if you want discrete concealed carry consider clipping it inside the waistband and cover it with an un-tucked shirt.
Other than the new blade grind this highly sought after karambit retains all the proven features of its predecessor.  Read more...

We only have a few of these so, if you want one, place your order soon!