Tuesday, February 26, 2013

CRKT Otanashi Noh Ken Folding Combat Knife

The Columbia River Otanashi Noh Ken is an excellent offering from CRKT’s line targeted toward professional use. 

The Otanashi noh Ken was designed by James Williams per a request from SOCOM for a larger, thinner, folding combat knife that was easy to carry and conceal.  The blade design coupled with a quick, easy deployment and strong framelock make for a formidable tool.

The Osoraku style blade, made famous by the 16th century Samurai warlord Takeda Shingen, is efficient and effective. This knife has a longer blade than the Hissatsu™ Folder and yet is slimmer to carry than the popular Heiho folding knife.  People who love big folders will easily find a home for this knife along with professionals and collectors of combat/utility style knives.

The Otanashi noh Ken and Hissatsu knife designs were developed for exceptional penetrating ability in tactical use situations.

The clip allows deep, inconspicuous, carry and the frame lock design is for strength and simplicity in operations.

James Williams' work with worldwide military Special Operations and his extensive classical Samurai training means that this knife is designed to perform at the highest level, when you need it most.  
CRKT has done an exceptional job keeping the Williams design style apparent while making improvements and adding something unique to the line-up.   In many ways this folder is the best yet from this line, providing excellent build quality and function in a desirable, aesthetic package.  

Check them out at OsoGrandeKnives.com.

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