Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Quartermaster Knives Hannibal QTR-4 Knife

The Quartermaster Knives Hannibal QTR-4 Knife is one mean knife. The lock-up is tremendous. The blade has been carefully ground to keep much of its mass toward it's tip. This results in the smoothest operation imaginable when coupled with the ORB® pivot system and tri-spoke pivot assembly.

The finger guard plays double-duty as a flipper device in the closed position. The cubist appearance of the knife is where it's charm lies. Though the knife does not look comfortable at a glance, its looks are quite deceiving. The knife has amazing balance and it's design characteristics will inspire conversation whenever it's removed from the pocket for use. This tough tactical folding knife will rival the industry's very best examples of hard-core cutting tools. Check them out at