Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Quartermaster Knives B.A. Baracas QTR-2 Karambit Knife

QTRM5TR's first karambit design! Angular and industrial in appearance. An enlarged finger hole accommodates the most swollen knuckles or gloved hands. We're sure that this is the loudest statement from the karambit genre of the knife industry in years and we're excited to show it.

This knife is being produced of the same powder-metallurgy 154 ultra-premium steel that 
QTRM5TR's other three knives are cut from. You'll notice the lack of small parts and the simplicity of the design. No spine-spacer means lighter weight and easier cleaning. A G-10 finger-hole spacer means smoother spins and better transitions. A jimped thumb-ramp and bi-level blade spine will soon become an industry standard once enthusiasts get their hands on this knife. Check them out at

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